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Liability Waiver + Cancellation Policy

Liability Waiver

I agree that I shall provide health insurance to cover any personal injury and property damage sustained by the student while participating in any activities or while on the premises of the RCD Hockey program.; the undersigned assumes all responsibility for any and all risk for damage or injury that may occur to the above named player/s as a participant in RCD Hockey program activities related to the program. In consideration of such, the undersigned hereby releases and discharge the program, RCD Hockey program, Ryan Dooley, it’s operators, employees, agents, supervisors, instructors and other players from all claims, demands, rights or cause of action present or future, whether known or anticipated and resulting from or arising out of or incident to the undersigned participation with the said program. This is also my permission to have my child admitted and attended to, for medical or dental treatment in case of sickness or injury.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are accepted, however nonrefundable. Once making your purchase, you hold that spot within the camp.


Circumstances will be heard in writing, contact us immediately for more information.

Doctor Taking Notes

A hard copy of our Health Form that can be used when registering for camps or other sessions. Please use the form provided below or documents directly from your doctor's office. INCLUDE IMMUNIZATIONS!

Filling out a form

A hard copy of our Liability Waiver for your own print out is just a click away. Please either use the online link above to submit or print our a copy to fill out and hand to us in person.

Filling Out a Form

Seeking part time employment on the ice with us? Fill out the form below to let us know your interests and we'll be happy to get back to you shortly about our opportunities for you!

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